The Worst Healthcare Fraud? "Dr. Evil"- a MI Oncologist


I could not imagine what the victims of Dr. Farid Fata are or were thinking and feeling other than the obvious- someone get Dr. Evil a bulletproof vest. According to the FBI’s article (Egregious Case of Health Care Fraud  Cancer Doctor Admits Prescribing Unnecessary Chemotherapy 11.6.14), Dr. Fata (not “Fatal” we hope but close) with  mens rea and actus reas falsely diagnosed some of his patients with cancers and other ailments. That isn’t even the worst part- he let them suffer and potentially die or at least feel like they were dying from the chemotherapy and other invasive treatments and procedures he prescribed for them.  According to the aforementioned article:

Fata’s plea to the health care fraud charges, kickback conspiracy, and money laundering was the culmination of an intensive and extensive investigation. Some of the conduct he admitted to in his guilty plea included:

Administering unnecessary chemotherapy infusions;

Administering unnecessary iron infusions;

Administering unnecessary human growth factors;

Ordering unnecessary cancer tests;

Accepting kickbacks to refer patients for home health care services; and

Promoting his cancer test fraud scheme with money laundered from his infusion fraud scheme.

At his upcoming sentencing, Fata faces up to 175 years in prison on the charges he pled guilty to. The U.S. Attorney has stated that prosecutors intend to seek life.

Dr. Fata was an oncologist in Michigan. Dr. Fata is a primary example of why I went further in my education and career to find, prevent and educate people about evil such as this. The FBI and collaborative agencies did justice getting Dr. Evil outta business! My heart goes out to his victims and their loved ones!


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