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Compliance & Ethics Basics

April 1, 2017


In addition to capturing compliance regulations and laws in an organizations compliance program, the organization needs to understand the nature and impact of the risks being faced in not only their organization and industry, but the intersecting industries as well. This solid and comprehensive understanding will afford an organization to better design their compliance and risk management programs and develop controls to mitigate risks.

 Use available...

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Risk Management Framework

April 1, 2017


Risk Management Framework

#1 Objective or Goal – Determine what needs to be done

#2: Identify Risks – What can go wrong (e.g. Trending crimes, Circulate questionnaire, Access complaints, Claims, Cases)

#3 Prioritize Risks – Order of urgency (i.e. likelihood of it occurring and impact) to evaluate the controls in place and to recommend how to mitigate those risks. Then the organization can focus its resources on 

#4 Control Activities- Actions, Policies and Procedures must be...

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Risk Management: Data Protection & Third Party Vendors

April 2, 2017


By: Lisa Marie Waugh, MJ

Corporate Intelligence Consultant

A Third Party Vendor is a vendor or supplier that is involved in a business’s (“Primary”) process/services/goods that are provided or sold to another party (“Client”) but is not party to the agreement between the Primary and Client. In fact, the Client normally does not even know that there is a third party involved in the production of goods or services.


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SOX Highlights

April 11, 2017

SOX (Sarbanes – Oxley Act 2002)
High Points and Clarity

How it came about:
• A result of the Enron Scandal

What does it do:
• Provides more regulation of securities trading and expands the Securities & Exchange Act of 1934

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates the Securities Trading Industry and:
• General rule maker authority for SOX
• Established the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board PCAOB
• Reviews sanctions/penalties determined by PCAOB
• Final Authority on accounting...

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